I want to be that friend that has always been there for you. In 8th grade I tried to understand why you started making the wrong decision; I asked for you to promise me that you would never touch those sedatives again, but you only got worse from there on. I always wanted to be there for you. I’d hear so many things about you getting worse, but I didn’t even know where you were anymore. For a long time you were sent off to another school, but you never left the back of my mind. For some reason God put you in my life and no matter how terrible its gotten for you and how lost you’ve felt I’ve always hoped that you would find your way out of it. Recently you’ve been getting better. You said you’ve been working on your relationship with God and have been leaving your bad habits in the past. I have never stopped caring about you, even the days when you weren’t around. I’ve always hoped and prayed for you to find yourself. Jesus loves you, Joe. He wants you to get out of the hole satan’s path has lead in. Please keep seeking Jesus. Don’t forget that you must seek him with your WHOLE heart, that is when you will truly find Him. (Jeremiah 29:13 “And you shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.”) Your friendship is one that I have truly cherished since the start of it all. With the distance, all I can really do is pray for you and wait for your calls and reach out to you when I can. But I pray with complete faith that God will deliver you out of your pain and that you will find pure joy through your relationship with Him.

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